Stupidest Survivor Ever

Last night on Survivor, viewers witnessed the stupidest move in Survivor history. Erik, who has been a target by the remaining members of his tribe for the past few weeks, gave up his immunity at tribal council in order to “look better for the jury”.

I’m pretty sure that the first page of any Survivor strategy guide clearly states:

Never give up immunity.

The moment he announced his decision, the jury (who most of them have no room to speak) burst out laughing at him, knowing his fate. The show hid nothing when the tribe went to vote, showing all of the votes as everyone (save Erik) knew what was coming.

All in all, Erik has shown himself to be entirely way too trusting in his fellow tribe mates to actually deserve to win a game that is all about outwitting.

In other news, ABC is bringing back one of my favorite reality shows that I thought I’d never see again, The Mole. June 2 at 10pm will not come soon enough.