GIMP – Fun With the Rectangle Select Tool

The Rectangle Select Tool in GIMP is a lot more powerful than it first appears.


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Selective Coloring With GIMP


Sometimes you would like to make one part of an image stand out from the rest. In this case, I’ve turned the image into a black and white photo, with the exception of the bottom of the ski that is being held up in the air.

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GIMP – Using Colorize

Lets suppose that after a trip skiing, you realize that a few of the photos didn’t turn out as you had hoped.  You can’t just go back and take the photo again easily, so you’ll have to clean it up a bit.  In this case, I’m pretty sure that the white balance was off on my camera.  This caused many of my photos to turn out with a turquoise tint to them.


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Tilt-shift camera lens effect – In GIMP!

I recently ran across a how-to on producing a Tilt-shift camera lens effect in Photoshop. While reading it, I decided to redo the tutorial for those people who use, or want to use GIMP.
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GIMP – Using the Path Tool

In the last tutorial, I covered the basics of cropping an image for the web. This tutorial assumes that you know what was covered in the previous one.

When preparing a picture for the web, often you don’t want to include the background. In the last tutorial, the background of my desk was quite obvious. Lets use the path tool to remove it.
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GIMP – Image Cropping for Web

After talking to some people, I’ve decided to write up some tutorials for using GIMP. At work, I use Ubuntu, so Photoshop isn’t really an option, but I need a way to prepare photos of products for our website. For many products, I not only crop down the photo to show just the product, but I also remove the background from around the product using the path tool. This first post will just focus on cropping down an image and preparing it for a website.

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