And some people wonder why they work at McDonald’s…

McDonalds Fail

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Nelson Rocks Via Ferrata Photos Uploaded

Just a quick post that a selection of the photos that I took at Nelson Rocks have been posted.


Who is going to Mars with me?

Book now while rates are cheap!


Brainstorm Enhancements – Greasemonkey Script

When browsing around on Ubuntu Brainstorm, the vast number of solutions attached to some ideas make it extremely time consuming to browse the list of ideas.  This script hides all the solutions until you want to look at them.

When you find an idea that you want to look at the posted solutions to, just click on the “Show Solutions” button. Hiding them again is just as easy.

Install Brainstorm Enhancements


Selective Coloring With GIMP


Sometimes you would like to make one part of an image stand out from the rest. In this case, I’ve turned the image into a black and white photo, with the exception of the bottom of the ski that is being held up in the air.

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GIMP – Using Color Balance

We are going to start this with another photo from that same set as the last one. This time, we are going to use the Color Balance tool to brighten the reds and eliminate the turquoise in the photo.


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GIMP – Using Colorize

Lets suppose that after a trip skiing, you realize that a few of the photos didn’t turn out as you had hoped.  You can’t just go back and take the photo again easily, so you’ll have to clean it up a bit.  In this case, I’m pretty sure that the white balance was off on my camera.  This caused many of my photos to turn out with a turquoise tint to them.


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RIP Nalgene

I knew I shouldn't have filled it that much.

I knew I shouldn't have filled it that much.


Larry Moss is working with David Emerson?

During 11am-12pm of day 7, Chloe shows Jack Bauer a photo of David Emerson and another man. The other man is quickly covered as information on David Emerson appears on the screen. Based on what I can tell, it looks like the other man is none other than the FBI Head, Larry Moss. We already know that the corruption goes fairly high up in the White House, but if this is true, it also goes just as high in the FBI.

Emerson & MossDavid Emerson

Also, as a followup to my post about the FBI using Vista, it looks like Chloe is using Mac OS X 10.5.


CTU Uses Linux; FBI Uses Vista

When Jack Bauer was working out of CTU, the terminals were running various Linux/Unix based operating systems, including the window manager KDE. Unfortentually, it seems that the FBI (as depicted on ’24’) uses Windows Vista. The following are screenshots from the first episode of season 7.

24 Vista Screenshot24 Vista Screenshot 2

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