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FunWebProductsbuntu Followup

Not that it means much at all, but I was looking over at and found the FunWebProductsbuntu quote to be the highest ranked quote so far. (Previously mentioned.)


Ubuntu 9.04 – “Jaunty Jackalope”

Mark Shuttleworth just announced the name of the next release of Ubuntu, “Jaunty Jackalope”. This will release in April 2009, and will be the 10th official release of Ubuntu.


Hurricane Gustav

Three years ago, during Katrina, I followed a blog updated by a data center located in downtown New Orleans. They had a skeleton crew weather out the storm in the office, keeping the data center running, and updating the blog of their status, along with their observations of what was going on in the city.

This year, with Hurricane Gustav heading for New Orleans, the crew is once again staying, and blogging.

Follow along:


I Love The Whole World



12:53:52 < andrew> I’m sure lamalex uses FunWebProductsbuntu
12:53:59 < lamalex> IS THAT REAL
12:54:01 < bts3685> wtf
12:54:04 < lamalex> IM GOING TO
12:54:05 < bts3685> please say no
12:54:17 < lamalex> its not
12:54:35 < bts3685> …/yet/
12:54:54 < lamalex> actually I kind of miss the nagging..
12:55:01 < lamalex> I would say that was the best part of that relationship

I never expected that type of entertainment to come from a Spybot scan.

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I’ve finally decided that it was time that I taught myself either Prototype or MooTools. Since Prototype seemed a bit more popular, I have decided to use that.

Random code tests can be found in my sandbox.


Stupidest Survivor Ever

Last night on Survivor, viewers witnessed the stupidest move in Survivor history. Erik, who has been a target by the remaining members of his tribe for the past few weeks, gave up his immunity at tribal council in order to “look better for the jury”.

I’m pretty sure that the first page of any Survivor strategy guide clearly states:

Never give up immunity.

The moment he announced his decision, the jury (who most of them have no room to speak) burst out laughing at him, knowing his fate. The show hid nothing when the tribe went to vote, showing all of the votes as everyone (save Erik) knew what was coming.

All in all, Erik has shown himself to be entirely way too trusting in his fellow tribe mates to actually deserve to win a game that is all about outwitting.

In other news, ABC is bringing back one of my favorite reality shows that I thought I’d never see again, The Mole. June 2 at 10pm will not come soon enough.


Hardest Part of the Install

I finally decided to register the Netgear Switch that I purchased a couple weeks ago from At Step 4, I reached what turned out to be the hardest part of the install:



Dear Rose Street Residents

On the side of every box of Pop Tarts, you will find some very simple instructions for their heated preparation. These steps, generally all 3 of them, a very simple task for most people. Let me remind you, in case you have forgotten:

  1. Remove pastry from pouch.
  2. Warm pastry in toasting appliance at lowest or lightest heat setting for one heating cycle only.
  3. Cool briefly before carefully removing pastry from toasting appliance.

Here are some sources to help you with your Pop Tart heating:


You will note that nowhere in the above steps does it indicate to cook for long periods of time, or, more importantly, to overcook so much that it requires evacuating the building because of the smoke build up in your room. Most pressing of all questions is, why where you having Pop Tarts at 3:30 in the morning?

For the record, I prefer to sleep at that time.


Red Power

Today I broke the number one rule of being a ginger and one of the major rules for being a geek… I spent an extended amount of time outside and in the sun.  Now I am paying for it.

Now off to bed… (I sense a long night ahead.)


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