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Nelson Rocks Mini9 Desktop

After purchasing a Dell Mini9 a couple weeks ago, I decided to use a photo from my climb at Nelson rocks for the desktop.


(Click the photo for full 1024×600 goodness.)

If you’d like this for your larger screen (or smaller) let me know and I’ll prepare one for any other resolution from the original.

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Slow Shutter Photography – Part 1

Sunday night I was bored, and decided to play around with my camera and longer than normal shutter speeds. Most, if not all, of the following photos were taken with a 15 second shutter.

The first one is of the nearby PennDot camera. (It is aimed away from where I was.) The next 8 photos are of Route 202 from a bridge. The next two are of cars passing by my location. The one after that might look like an acid trip, but it isn’t. It was from the dashboard of a car. The final three will be left for you to leave a guess in the comments.