Freenode and Mibbit

Earlier today, Freenode started to block all access to their networks from Mibbit.  This allegedly stems from people using Mibbit to evad bans, along with poor communication and responsiveness from Mibbit’s administrators.  As a solution for this issue, Freenode released their own web based IRC client.  After watching #freenode for most of the day, I have to congratulate the Freenode staff for continuing to answer questions, even if they were the same ones, all day.

Based on my observations, here are some of the common questions and concerns:

  • Will Freenode be blocking access from any other client? No.
  • Does this have anything to do with Mibbit being closed source and Freenode using open source software for their web client? No.

And I’ll toss in one more with my own answer:

  • How am I supposed to have my special setup wherever I go? Use something like: screen irssi

Mibbit had their own answer to all of this.

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