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WordPress 2.7 Released

Just a quick note to all WordPress users, WordPress 2.7 has been released with a huge number of changes. The biggest change (and the first one you will notice) is the totally redesigned administration area.


Please don’t get me a gift card!

Please, don’t get me a gift card.

Every year, without fail, I receive at least one, often many gift cards. The vast majority of these are to places that I hardly ever go to. Now I’m sure you are thinking that I should use the card as encouragement to try a different place or something. I agree to an extent. Restaurants are just about the only thing that falls into this category, but even then, I’m often forced to make up the difference for a meal or other item that I really didn’t need in the first place.

More often than not, the gift cards I get are to stores that I haven’t been to for years because I’ve found a better alternative. For instance, I currently have gift cards to both Best Buy and Circuit City. I tend to make my technology purchases from NewEgg because I get a wider selection and better prices.

Even the newer favorite of Visa gift cards are a pain. Lets say I want to use that card to fill up my tank with gas. I end up having to make two transactions, one with the gift card, then again with a separate method of payment to fill the tank up the rest of the way. Many online stores only accept one method of payment for an order, thus causing me to fall back to using a card with enough purchasing power for the order. Also, there are normally fees to go along with the inital purchase of one of these cards.

Instead of a gift card, consider a check (or cash), or an item that I am interested in/need. My next post will give some ideas about what I could use.