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Tilt-shift camera lens effect – In GIMP!

I recently ran across a how-to on producing a Tilt-shift camera lens effect in Photoshop. While reading it, I decided to redo the tutorial for those people who use, or want to use GIMP.
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Ubuntu 8.10 – Intrepid Ibex – Guest Mode

Accessing Guest Mode

Accessing Guest Mode

Ubuntu 8.10 introduces “Guest Mode”. This enables the user to create a temporary environment when letting someone use their computer. Users will find this extremely useful, as they can let someone use their computer without any risk of losing settings in various programs, including Firefox. Also, the user will not have to sign out of website accounts in order to protect them or allow for their guest to log in.

When guest mode is activated (see above screenshot), a temporary account is setup with the home folder in /tmp. To return back to the user’s session, they just have to pick their name from the same list. They will then be prompted for their password to get back into their session.

Guest Mode Home Directory

Guest Mode Home Directory

This is a very nice feature for the paranoid as they will no longer have to stand behind their guest to ensure the safety of their data.

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FunWebProductsbuntu Followup

Not that it means much at all, but I was looking over at and found the FunWebProductsbuntu quote to be the highest ranked quote so far. (Previously mentioned.)