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I Love The Whole World



12:53:52 < andrew> I’m sure lamalex uses FunWebProductsbuntu
12:53:59 < lamalex> IS THAT REAL
12:54:01 < bts3685> wtf
12:54:04 < lamalex> IM GOING TO
12:54:05 < bts3685> please say no
12:54:17 < lamalex> its not
12:54:35 < bts3685> …/yet/
12:54:54 < lamalex> actually I kind of miss the nagging..
12:55:01 < lamalex> I would say that was the best part of that relationship

I never expected that type of entertainment to come from a Spybot scan.

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I’ve finally decided that it was time that I taught myself either Prototype or MooTools. Since Prototype seemed a bit more popular, I have decided to use that.

Random code tests can be found in my sandbox.