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Angel Fails at Math

Angel appears to be filled with inconsistencies throughout. Today I noticed the grade listing on the main page:

Angel Math

How exactly is one 100% and two 80%’s equal to an overall grade of 65%?

The grade, however, is correct in Angel’s ‘Grade book’ page.

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Things that bug me about Angel (Education Portal) – Part 1

Over the past couple weeks, I have had three classes that utilize ANGEL Learning. The more that I use it, the more things that I find bug me about it. Some of these issues may be specific to the way that Instructional Technology & Distance Learning at Penn College or one of the professors use the portal, but since I have no way to verify this, I will assume that the problem lies with ANGEL.

To start this off, there is a calendar that aggregates all assignments and other notices from within all one’s classes. The calendars within each class section work perfectly fine in my opinion, but the combined calendar merges everything together, without even the slightest attempt to distinguish between different classes. See the following calendar for an example, can you tell the difference between the assignments?

ANGEL Combined Calendar

If you mouse over, or click on the listed assignments, no additional information is shown. (In terms of what class calendar the event is from.)

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Hardest Part of the Install

I finally decided to register the Netgear Switch that I purchased a couple weeks ago from At Step 4, I reached what turned out to be the hardest part of the install: