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5 Years of Service

 5 years of service to Genuardi’s

Way back in May of 2002, I was hired at my first job, Genuardi’s Family Markets.  A lot has changed at that store and in my life since then, but for some reason, I stayed with it.  By ‘staying with it,’ I mean that I worked only once in a while, since leaving for college, just for pocket change.  So, to show their appreciation for all that I’ve done (?), they have given me a 5 year award.


Red Power

Today I broke the number one rule of being a ginger and one of the major rules for being a geek… I spent an extended amount of time outside and in the sun.  Now I am paying for it.

Now off to bed… (I sense a long night ahead.)


Dell to Offer Ubuntu 7.04

Today Dell announced that they are working with Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) to sell Computers running Ubuntu. The article includes a video interview between a Dell person and Mark Shuttleworth.